Carbon @ SIX

About a week ago we saw that Jake from Haunted Temple Studios put the word out about hosting the Seattle Indies Expo (SIX) A bunch of indie devs, a warehouse space, and beer--awesome.

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Our game is technically up and running, so we toss around the idea to show it at SIX and somewhere along the line the joke turned into "let's really do this". So, some crazy hackery to get the game in a state that can be demonstrated, a couple runs back and forth from my apartment (they were running low on card tables) and we found ourselves at our first public showing!

We were extremely nervous to show what we consider to be a rough/early version of the game, but as long as it was in motion I think most people don't see all the glitches and problems that we do. It's so painful to show off your work for the first time not knowing what people will think of it. Jumping into the deep end for sure!

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What happened when we were there blew us away. There was a huge turnout (there were a lot of amazing indie devs there), and a lot of people seemed genuinely impressed with what we were showing off. Getting the game into people's hands, seeing how they pick up what is going on, hearing blunt honest feedback was great. We have tons of notes as a result and feel it was a very valuable experience.

We also had to explain many times over that we don't even have a name for the game yet--"unannounced" is all we can commit to at this point. We're not trying to be secretive--we honestly haven't decided yet. Super Action Mecha Strategy Explosion Conflit probably won't make the cut though.

Follow us here or on Twitter for info about how you can get in the alpha test when we are ready. :)

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James Green

Jul 20, 2011. James Green