Wait, how rude of us--we should introduce ourselves. Until recently we were the core team of Titan Studios, and after that mission was completed we knew we wanted to continue working together as a group. We are (alphabetically) Dawna Baltins, Weng Chen, Matt Endsley, James Green, Branimir Karadzic, and Ken Klopp. Together we are Carbon Games.

We're still here in Seattle, and very eager to return to making small unique games the way we made Fat Princess. In fact, we've already started!

What are we working on? We'd love to tell you but we need to keep that under wraps for a bit longer until we are ready to share something really cool. We're super excited about it, we can say that much.

Carbon Games is an independent developer, free to make the games we want on the platforms we want, and interact with the public the way we want. This is the primary reason why we wanted to "go indie" at this time.

We'll keep this short and sweet, as we can share more with you at a later date. We just needed to plant our flag in the sand to make things official, and couldn't think of a better date that July 4th to do it. More updates as we have them.

We are Carbon. We make Games.