Team Fortress 2 is such a great game. Whether you played any of the prior Team Fortress games or not, it's a wonderful example of what can happen when a game is supported and evolved instead of released and abandoned. For an online multiplayer game, this kind of attention from the developer is critical to keeping the community alive and growing.

We at Carbon would like to be able to follow in Valve's footsteps with our first game. (which we hope to announce soon!)

Weng Chen drew the image below for fun a while back, and it's just been burried in her private portfolio. We came across these really cool illustrations of the TF2 characters as girls which reminded us of her version:

TF2 Girls

Like it? Let her know in the comments, or follow her on Twitter. She's busy working on stuff for our unannounced game, but still loves feedback.

We are thrilled to have someone as talented as Weng Chen as part of the Carbon Games team!