First Public Gameplay Video

PAX can hardly be described. I don't even know why people compare it to E3, because it's such a different animal. E3 is filled with developers, marketing people, and media who are all going through the rehearsed motions of showing off games according to script, and then transferring that information into business deals and news articles. PAX is more like a giant gaming orgy where your geek cred is worn as a badge of honor, and we as developers get to interact with honest to goodness gamers who really just want to dive into this monstrous buffet of gaming. All you can eat, 3 days only.

As we mentioned in our last entry, we were lucky enough to crash PAX at the last minute. So, no press was arranged, no real plan, just throw some stuff in Ken's minivan and haul it to the Convention Center. We managed to get 4 computers set up, two with mouse/keyboard and two with gamepads. We had a steady stream of players and we talked and talked until we just couldn't talk anymore because we destroyed our voices. When I was away from the booth I was always so desperate to get back, because it was such a high to be able to see the fun people were having with the game, and also making note of so many things to go back and iterate on.

A huge percent of players actually beat our demo level. It was wonderful to see that people we able to pick up the controls really fast (both mouse/keyboard and gamepad) and for anyone to spend 10 or 15 minutes at one station was a huge compliment I felt, especially with all the other amazing games at PAX. A big thanks to everyone who was playing the game, it's extremely valuable to us and we do appreciate it.

We shot some over the shoulder video while we were there. When I got back and looked at it I wished we had recorded more, but we have to make do with what we got. The shorter clip is above, and below is a longer uninterrupted playthrough of the demo level with me explaining the controls and mechanics. Note that I am not playing, this is someone who just had the controller put in his hands for the first time.

Enjoy, and please help us spread the word to anyone you think would be interested. We want to make a game that you will love to play, and your feedback will help us make it right.