It is with immense pleasure that I can finally announce the game we are working on: AirMech! Sticking to our multiplayer focused roots, this new game has some strategic twists, lots of action, and a new setting.


And due to the kindness of Retro Affect and Closure we have a corner to set up some machines at PAX Prime and let people get their hands on the game. We think the game is off to a great start but we are hungry for feedback and reactions from players, so if you are at PAX come by and see us around booth 599.

We have been going crazy just pulling things together to be able to show at PAX, so we don't even have any media we can post about the game yet (besides the above image). Once we recover from PAX we will start to be a bit more public about how the game is evoloving as we are really excited for your input on it. In the mean time, you can sign up for an account here, which will put your name on the list to test AirMech as we expand our testing group.