Natasha approves of Bullet

Bullet Integration Complete

In light of our last blog entry on Open Source, we thought this would be a good time to let people know that we are now using Bullet Physics in the latest build of AirMech. Running the game should patch itself to version 3118 and you can help us test out this new system. The game should behave mostly as it did before, but we're on the lookout for strange issues we might be missing.

AirMech Alpha Build 3118

Besides Bullet integration, we have been working on a lot of other things. Something notably different in this build is the ingame HUD, which we have minimized and streamlined quite a bit. Because we display health and energy above the player, these were no longer needed on our status model, so we reduced it to only display your Fortress health and XP bar. Your credits and unit count/limit are also shown there now.

We added a new AirMech as a bit of a reward for the more hardcore players out there (we know who you are). It's a higher level Fighter with some pretty sweet stats. There is also a Supply Truck, which more accurately reflects what the unit should be. The old visuals are now the Supply Tank, which is more heavily armored and not so fragile, but of course has a cost and build time to reflect that.

Neo Fighter and Supply Truck

We also made a fairly significant change by having the Hit Points of units affect how fast the AirMech moves when transporting them. So in practice, you move slower when carrying a tank, and quite fast if just carrying infantry. So yeah, that will change things a bit. We're still balancing the numbers here a bit, and we can also bias the numbers one way or the other. For example we could have a tank made out of advanced materials which is lighter, but still has the same hit points. It would just cost more money and time to build if you were to choose it. Decisions, decisions...

Summary of Changes

  • Integration of Bullet Physics
  • New ingame user interface (HUD)
  • New AirMech and adjustment of Supply Truck vs Supply Tank
  • Movement speed when carrying a unit affected by unit's Hit Points
  • Changes to pathing behavior (in progress)
  • Changes to infantry creep capture preferences
  • Some balancing changes
  • Bugfixes for 2 player Survival games
  • Tons of little changes/fixes we can't recall

Set your Resolution

We noticed that a lot of people will play the game maximized, and unfortunately this exposes a pretty big bug in our (due to be replaced) renderer. We always render at the resolution on startup and simply stretch this display to whatever the window size is changed to.

To set your resolution, create a shortcut to AirMech.exe and make it look something like this:

AirMech.exe /dx 1920 /dy 1080 /fs

You can replace the 1920 and 1080 with whatever numbers you like, and the /fs tag specifies fullscreen.

The Future of AirMech

We've had some requests to talk more about the game itself and where we are going with the design, so we will plan a blog post in the coming days to talk more about that. For now we are just going to keep an eye on the patch and watch for feedback to make sure things are going smoothly for the majority of players.

As always, if you're having problems send us an email at and we'll do our best to help you out.