Survival Mode

AirMech Alpha Build 2415

We posted a new build this morning! Just run the game and it will update to the latest version. If you were one of the people having keyboard input problems, you should re-download the file from your activation email. Thanks to everyone who helped us test the various input keyboards to fix those problems.

Survival Mode Changes

We spent a bit of time making sure the Survival mode works properly. It's still not balanced, but it is able to be completed if you are a warrior. We didn't intend to focus on it but it seems a lot of people were anxious to try it, so we wanted to make it a bit more playable.

Assigning Orders

Here is the new UI for assigning orders in the current version:

New Orders UI

A common bit of feedback was that it felt like a lot of work to give orders to the Units. In this build we have a new version of this UI and some changes to the behavior. You still click on the order you want, but now the unit is dropped when you click the order. If using the controller, you press one of the directions on the d-pad which assigns the order and drops it. The only exception to this is if you assign the patrol order, which requires you to place some points before dropping the unit on one of the points. (right-click with mouse or X with gamepad)

Other Stuff We Messed With

We will eventually have a proper "patch notes" page, but we're not that organized yet. So as far as I can remember, here are some things we changed/fixed between the last version and the new one:

  • First pass on Survival mode, make it actually playable
  • Fix some holes and clean up the Advanced map
  • Lock out players from using Green/Yellow colors
  • Make Large map available for LAN multiplayer
  • Increase unit pickup radius of AirMech
  • Crash fixes, backend work, under the hood stuff

We Love Our Testers

The people who have accounts and are helping us test out the game have been great. Most of our testing is quite passive--just playing the game stresses our backend and helps us find issues and fix them. Some people have sent in feedback and bug reports, which is also great. At this time we don't need to get too detailed about things that are obviously not working properly, as a lot of it is already on our list. What is great to get from people are crashes, with a screenshot of the crash, or even just the text (you can Ctrl-C copy it) and a description of what you were doing.

We are working to get our forums online so we can have a better place to open up the discussion for everyone. We'll make a post about it here, and put the word out on our other channels at that time. Stay tuned!

Thanks for your support!