Survival Mode

Usernames now available!

It seems strange that we have gone without them up until now, but I'm happy to say you can now set your username which will be displayed ingame above your AirMech. This will also be your name diplayed in the Forums (when we have them ready) so choose carefully.

For anyone creating an account now, you will be prompted to as part of the registration process, and for everyone who already has an account, you can login and set your username here.

AirMech Alpha Build 2685

New build is up! We've made some UI changes, added some units, tweaked some numbers. Fixing a bunch of things under the hood, but that should be invisible to most of the alpha testers.

  • Player Health and Energy displayed above AirMech
  • New Unit: Engineer (Infantry who can repair)
  • New Unit: Scorpion Tank (modified tank with twin barrels)
  • New Pilots: Placeholder (no bonuses, you don't want these)
  • Customize Menu: removed restrictions based on unit type
  • Customize Menu: new layout (still placeholder)
  • Cockpit UI is under construction
  • Pathing changes, still under development
  • Reduced income from Structures
  • Many more small changes, hopefully nothing you will notice :)

Engineer and Scorpion Tank

Referral Links

It's great that we see so many people introducing others to the game, but it's also nice to get some kind of actual benefit from doing so. We thought the simplest solution would be to setup referral links, so that if someone signs up with your link you will get credit for it. What it is, we don't know yet, but we wanted to be able to start tracking from the beginning.

To make a referral link, first you need to have a username. Armed with that, you put your username at the end of this link:

For example my referral link is:

In the future we will add a place where you can simply copy and paste this in your profile, but we haven't finished that part yet. In progress!

Alpha Test Group

A huge thanks to everyone who has been playing the game and helping us with compatibility testing and early feedback. As a small developer, it's extremely beneficial to us to have the game in people's hands early so we can make sure things are bulletproof as we expand our audience.

We are approaching the point of having a large enough group to work with, so if you know anyone who you think would like to help test and have early access to the game, they should sign up now to make sure they are included in the alpha. And you can test out the new referral links at the same time! :)

Thanks everyone, and have a great weekend.