Survival Mode

AirMech Alpha Build 3876

11 days since our last patch, and alot of things have been happening. Our main focus has been on stabilizing the multiplayer code, and for the last few days we've been playing daily 4 player matches, and having a great time. There's been a good bit of balancing, and no doubt that will continue for some time to come. The game still requires IP address entry to match up a multiplayer game, but once you are in the game with your friends, it should be solid as far as the desync bugs go!

Matchmaking and cleaning up that interface is on the way, and we'll have more updates about that as it comes.

Summary of Changes:

  • Initial 30 second phase in network game, where you build up your forces.
  • Updated/reworked the large map
  • Updated AirMech special abilities, and allow for different abilities in ground and air mode
  • Added display of simple AirMech stats on customization page for comparison
  • Added cloaking ability for Stealth AirMech (works on gamepad only at the moment)
  • Fixed other broken stuff!