Recycle your unwated units

AirMech Alpha Build 3585

It's been a good week or so of iterating on the game and making some updates. In this patch, we've implemented some new UI functionallity in the customize screen so that you can see stat bonuses for the different pilots, as well as unit stats, and compare them to other units you might choose for your army.

We've also added a way to 'recycle' existing units and have their credits returned to you. Just hold down the 'pickup/drop' key (space on keyboard controls, left trigger on pad) and you will see an indicator show up on screen that will recycle the unit when it's full. You should be able to do this over your Fortress or any Outpost you control.

We've also added some new sound effects, and a new 'Mine' unit that you can experiment with for passive area defense. Also in this patch is reduction to the amount of damage your AirMech can inflict on the enemy Fort as well as some balancing to the Chopper AirMechs missiles attack.

As usual, thanks for all the feedback and help testing the game!

Summary of Changes:

  • end game/match UI work
  • customize stats info on Pilots and Units
  • reduced AirMech damage to enemy Fortress
  • work on 3 and 4 player Survival multiplayer matches (in progress!)
  • new Map - Sandrim!
  • new Unit - Mines!
  • balances and other tweaks - notable Chopper AirMech missiles
  • reduced cost of many unlockables
  • as usual, a bunch of other, smaller, stuff!