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Programmers are awesome and we need more of them! We are looking for game programmer interns to join us as well as a contract web developer. Positions are local to the Seattle/Bellevue area, as there is no relocation option. Our ideal candidate is already familiar with our game (hey, you are on our website!), loves games, and isn't afraid of giant robots. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Programming Interns


Programming interns will help us implement, test and debug game client features.


  • Knowledge and experience programming in C++.
  • Previous experience working on a game.
  • Demonstrable passion to develop games.


  • Knowledge of JavaScript (jQuery, Flot, and similar .js libraries).
  • Previous experience or familiarity with some of open source technologies we're using.

Ideal candidate is pursuing or recently completed 4-year degree program. This is a paid internship position.

Send us your resume, code samples, or even better a link to something you created (app, game, website, etc).

Web developer (contract)

This is short term contract work to integrate PhpBB forums into our website. Work will be mostly on PHP side to customize authentication plugin to our auth system. Additional objectives exist, and can be discussed on site. Send us your rate/quote.

Contact info: