This is just a quick update of our progress. Last week we opened the forums. The forums are the best way to get in touch with us, ask questions, report bugs and talk about AirMech.

Build 4154 is live for those who are in alpha. If you're not in the alpha you can signup here. We were mostly fixing multiplayer issues and thanks to our community we caught and fixed a few desyncs related to projectiles.

Totalbiscuit played AirMech during his recent WTF-a-thon. The AirMech segment received over 180K views on youtube in only two days! Also Indie Games for Good were playing AirMech for charity. DIYGamer wrote nice preview for AirMech.

We made a 2v2 multiplayer, 3v2 multiplayer video, and DevCast.


On November 18 and 19 we'll be at Minecon in Las Vegas. If you're going to be there, don't be shy, stop by and say Hi! We'll be showing AirMech on the stage on Friday at 10:30am. More info about Minecon you can find here.

IGF 2012

We entered AirMech in the main competition at IGF 2012.

Fan Group

Some of players from our community have set up AirMech Fan Group on Steam. Some of us are usually in chat, feel free to join us there.

G+ page

If you're on G+ you can find AirMech G+ page here