AirMech closed alpha update

Playing with Others is More Fun

Welcome to all the new users! Sorry we have been quiet lately, but we've been hard at work getting online play ready for our closed testing group. As a reminder, AirMech is in closed alpha testing at this time. Users who have signed up should check the forums for progress on the game, and we also choose active members to help us test.

We were at MineCon last month and it was great! We introduced the game to a large number of people who were really excited to see it. ChimneySwift11 was there and shot a quick look video, then today he surprised us with a very thorough guide on how to play AirMech:

Frequently Answered Questions

We get a lot of email, Twitter questions, and forum posts asking about all kinds of things. So we wanted to catch people up a bit right here on the front page. Let's start with some bullet points about AirMech:

Thanks again to our Testers

A great bit thanks to everyone out there who is spreading the word and helping us test. It's a big experiment for us to release a game so early in development, and so far we feel it's been a huge success. It's your input and support that will help this game become something we all enjoy playing, especially when it comes to the huge task of balancing it!

Just to clarify, we say that we are in alpha stage because we are still actively adding features. Once we finish with features and get the major bugs under control, that will be the beta stage where we will also focus on balancing. We will follow up our closed alpha/beta testing with an open beta at some point in the future, but we can't estimate a date for that yet. Note that this is not how every company defines alpha/beta, we're just explaining how we are using these terms so you can understand.

We would love to be able to let everyone into the alpha, but we need to keep the size under control as we grow out our systems. We will add testers from the people who have signed up when we can. Thank you for your patience, eventually everyone will be allowed in but we do not know when. Check back here and the forums for the latest information.