The first AirMech teaser trailer!

PAX East is just around the corner, and the Carbon Games dev team will be there showing off AirMech! We originally announced AirMech at PAX Prime 2011 and showed of a very early version at the time, so it's super exciting for us to show the game off properly for the first time. We'll have PAX-exclusive content on hand, come by Booth 772. The exclusive ingame items will come along with instant access to the PC version of the game which is still currently in closed testing.

The Future of AirMech

We hear from our testers all the time that they love the game, and how can we call this an "alpha" still"? Well call us old fashioned, but we still figure if we are in the process of adding major features that "alpha" is a pretty good term for it. "Beta" is more about bug fixing and final balancing, at least as much as you can do before the big release. So what are we still working on?

  • Friend lists
  • Global chat/messaging
  • Better matchmaking
  • Detailed end of match info
  • More maps and environments
  • Survival mode improvements
  • More AirMechs/Units/Pilots
  • More AirMech Variants
  • Improved network play
  • More Quests!
  • Detailed stats
  • More rewards for higher level players

It's important to note that we are happy with the core of the game, and it's balanced enough that we are not wiping accounts or progress. We don't mind if people earn a bit more XP or Kudos because they can exploit the AI or found a bug--we're glad to let people benefit in that way because it helps us make the game better. So all of our early testers tend to do quite well, and can rest assured that they can keep their progress and unlocks.

Thanks again for your support everyone, and remember we love to hear your feedback in the forums or in the AirMech Fan Group on Steam.