It has been a busy couple of weeks here at Carbon Games, and we have a ton of updates and additions ready for you in AirMech. The most noticable change you will see is the addition of the new Quest System. We have also added new content, including an artillery cannon and a Striker AirMech Variant.


  • New Quest System.
  • New placeable artilery cannon unit: Arty.
  • New aerial cluster bomb unit: Bombs.
  • New AirMech Variant: "Tomcat" Striker.
  • New Ultimate unit and pilot for use in PvE Games: Ultimate Bucky and Ultimate Samson.
  • Scaled down the damage that Landmines do against armored units.
  • Fixed networking issue where players could not connect to existing multiplayer lobbies (ghost sessions).

Quest for Glory!

The first thing you will notice is the addition of the Quest System. Players will be able to redeem their completed Quests for Rewards. We will be continually adding Quests to the game.

Quest Menu

New and Ultimate Items

This update has a bunch of new items available in the Armory, including a couple Ultimate Items:

New Units

Arty and Bombs

The Arty is a mobile artillery cannon that you can use for long range strikes against enemy defenses. The Arty requires careful positioning, as it is fixed and can't rotate.

You can now build a set of cluster bombs for improved superiority on the battlefield. The Bombs come in a cluster of 3, and are great for breaking through heavily defended areas.

Ultimate Items

Need a little extra fire power and protection for your units when playing a Solo or Survival game? Ultimate items are improved versions of units and pilots that are only available for use in Single Player and PvE Games. The Ultimate Bucky adds extra fire power and armor protection, while Ultimate Samson adds to Unit Armor, Damage, and Production Cap.

Both the Ultimate Bucky and Ultimate Samson are available as Diamond Unlocks in the Armory.

AirMech Previews

Our friends over at GameSpot and Just Press Start have both posted some new previews of AirMech:

Just Press Start - AirMech Preview

GameSpot - AirMech Preview Video

And remember, you can download AirMech from here.

Striker Concept