The latest update for AirMech is now live! Build 7721 is now available for PC and on Chrome. One of the major changes that players will notice is the addition of the Server Browser after selecting "Play" in the Main Menu. Some of the other changes made in this update include:

  • Updated character models for Soldier, Runner, Boomer, Fixer, Zipper and Tango.
  • Various fixes to performance and stability.
  • Fixed bug with being able to pick up an extra tank with the Bomber AirMech.

Updated Character Models

This build has updates to the character models for the following units:


This is the new Creep that all players will start out with. The appearence of the Creeps will change as players spend Ability Points on the Creep Spawner Ability.

Creep Spawner

Soldier - Runner - Boomer - Fixer