The latest update for AirMech is now live! Build 8020 is now available for PC and on Chrome. In this update, we added a new Booster unit that increases an AirMech's speed and carrying capacity.


  • New Unit: Booster.
  • Slightly increased the difficulty of 1 Player Survival.
  • Fixed issue where a destroyed unit would block the pathing of other units.
  • Fixed issue in the Tutorial where player would get stuck placing the tank with the Right-Mouse Button.
  • Updated Spawns on Spiral Survival map.
  • Fixed issue where player could only redeem one Quest at a time.
  • Neo can no longer go stealth when carrying a unit.
  • Increased the Saucer AirMech's Abduction rate.
  • Increaded the Saucer AirMech's hull strength on level-up.
  • Changed enemy names to red.
  • Changed the secondary color of the "Evil" Striker from red to purple.
  • Added localization to Key Bindings in Controls Menu.
  • Fix for Bucky/missile only units not engaging fort w/ missiles when in hold position.
  • Made Bomb unit cost 0 Army Cap.
  • Updated the Stats Menu.
  • Update Striker Quests.

New Unit: Booster

Need your AirMech to fly faster or carry more payload? Then look no further than the Booster unit. Using the latest in turbine engine technology, the Booster increases your AirMech's airspeed and carrying capacity for that extra edge on the battlefield. But be careful, running out of fuel or transforming into Robot mode will cause the Boosters to fly off your AirMech!


Top of the Chrome Web Store

We are excited to announce that AirMech has made it to the top of the Chrome Web Store! Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the Alpha!