Earth Day Items

Earth Day 2012

Hey you, get outside and enjoy some nature! That's what I'm about to go do, so I'll keep this update short and to the point. We added some Limited Edition Earth Day items to the game which will be available through May 4th. Don't ask me why the Green Sea Turtle Bomber has wolverine claws in robot mode, all I can say is because it is awesome.

New Map: Chasm

If you didn't see it yet, we added a new map just last week named Chasm. Smaller than Thar, bigger than Simple, Chasm has a deep, um, chasm between the two sides, two bridges, and an Outpost smack in the middle where Infantry can pass through but anything larger has to go around. People are having a lot of fun on it so far!

As always, keep an eye on the forums for all the latest on what is going on. We're now posting change logs there with each new version, come and join the discussion! And if you are not seeing the latest version on Chrome, take a look at our handy cheat sheet on how to force an update.

Now go outside! (you can play AirMech when the sun goes down)