Easter Eggs Banner

PAX East is almost here! Ahead of the show, we've just rolled out our Easter Update, and besides the standard fixes and tweaks we are pleased to present our first themed content. This Easter set of items will only be available for one week, so if any of it tickles your fancy then be sure to pick it up before next Wednesday April 11th.

The idea behind this limited edition content is that while you can only unlock it for a short time, anything you do unlock you can keep and use year round. As with everything else, we're keeping a close eye on people's reaction to this, both by voice on the forums and in the logs looking at what people actually unlock.

Easter Items are available in the game store right now. (if you don't see them, check below about the Chrome update issue)

I Hate to Cut This Short...

We have introduced one major new feature in this last patch: Overtime. Sorry in advance for the lack of proper messaging about what is going on, but as you know we are aiming to have shorter games in AirMech that are able to be resolved within a reasonable amount of time. So after 30 minutes, all players will be given 3 more "lives" and after that, their AirMech will not rebuild any longer. They are out of the game, and will spectate a teammate until the end of the match.

How do I know that my game is in overtime? Currently, any game over 30:00 on the clock should be in overtime, if it is a PvP game. Coop and Survival modes do not have Overtime rules applied. The clock will turn bright red, and you will see a counter next to you and your teammate's names on the HUD.

In the future, based on feedback, we may make this a permanent option, with different time lengths able to be selected. At this point it's still an experiment, so please do let us know what you think.

Chrome Version Fragmentation

One of the things we have run into with the Chrome version is the updating of AirMech in the background. Sometimes it works as we expect, other times it doesn't. So it's possible to be playing with an older version of the game, the main problem being that you can only be matched against others with the same version. We find that most people do update, so if you are having a hard time finding games to join, follow these instructions on how to update the Chrome version of AirMech.

Remember if you are at PAX East please stop by! Booth 772, we're part of the Indie MEGABOOTH which is indisputably the highest concentration of amazing indie games per square foot in PAX East the galaxy.