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AirMech has always been a game that evolves over time. While the core concept is something I have wanted to do ever since playing those old games like Herzog Zwei, I have tried hard to find a balance between keeping the game accessible and adding elements that make sense in the gaming world of 2012. I'd like to think we've done a pretty good job so far, and I wanted to call out some recent changes we've made to the game.

By Popular Demand...

We have added new servers in Texas, Georgia, and New Jersey. Look for a server close to you for a better chance of a better game experience online. International users, we have not forgotten you! We will be adding more servers in the future, stay tuned.

New Item Army Slot. Players love to be able to tweak their armies, so we went ahead and implemented the Item system we've been thinking about for a while. Items are a bit like Pilots in that they give some small tweak or ability to your AirMech or Units. We only have two test ones for now (Clover and Atlas) but we will add many more over time.

You asked for more transparency in pricing, and we listened. We have attached actual prices to the AirMech Variants now, so if you want you can directly unlock them instead of purchasing Diamonds. To be honest, we implemented the "dual currency" system because the vast majority of F2P games use this system. We are always open to trying new things, and based on the results of this test we may expand the set price unlocks across more of the game.

People have also asked for more AirMech Variants (skins) and also they want to access them without unlocking the base AirMechs. We thought about it, and figured "why not" so now we let you see everything, and you can unlock just what you want. Part of the original design was us thinking like gamers who want progression, but we realized we shouldn't put barriers up for players who want these cosmetic items. Like everything else, we will keep an eye on their use, and continue to make adjustments.

New Stuff

Update on Quests

So far the Quest system has had wonderful response. People enjoy having objectives to accomplish, and on our side we are happy to use it to direct players to improve certain skills or try out new tactics. We think that this kind of "stealth tutorial" along with the Challenge maps are great to get players more familiar with the game and play it in new ways.

We will do our best to continue to add Quests, a few each update, including advanced Quests that only show up for higher level players. So even though you can unlock a lot of the game content at low levels, there will be some special things that unlock with Quests for the very dedicated players. Keep sending us feedback about the Quest system, and we'll keep expanding it in response.

Have Your Voice Heard

I've talked a lot about changes based on your feedback, but maybe you have something to say and just haven't had a chance. All the devs here at Carbon keep an eye on the forums and we're often available in the AirMech Fan Group on Steam. Or you can email us directly at if you prefer that--the point is we love to hear from you. Your feedback and participation during this Alpha stage is super important to shaping the game into something great. :)