AirMech on Steam

Steam powered AirMechs?

Yes it's true! AirMech will be coming to Steam in the near future. We are currently in closed testing of the Steam version, but if you would like a Steam key to help us test, just like us on Facebook and/or Google+ to get early access. We'll be handing out keys on both pages, so keep an eye out.

To participate, you do not need to have an existing AirMech account. You may link your current account to your Steam account, or create a new one if you have never played AirMech before. We're excited to continue our policy of having all accounts linked together so you are free to play the game wherever you want. Valve has been very supportive of our plans here and we really appreciate that.

As for what new features we will have for the Steam version, we are still working on that and don't want to announce anything at this time. We are of course working on supporting joining friends games and Steam Achievements, and some features may be added after we launch. We're very excited about it!

Alpha MEGA Bundle Ending Soon

We are coming to the end of the Alpha, and will soon reach Beta! Sadly, this means we will be removing the Alpha MEGA Bundle offer, which was meant to be exclusive to our wonderful Alpha testers. We will do other bundles in the future, but nothing the size of this one.

So if you were considering buying the bundle to show your support (or just because it's a crazy awesome value) keep in mind the last day you will be able to purchase it will be Thursday, May 31st. Here's a picture of the exclusive Alpha Striker Variant that comes with the bundle:

Alpha Striker

We want to give a big thanks to everyone who has purchased the Alpha MEGA Bundle so far. We are in the process of awarding our forum users special badges as an extra bonus, and give us a bit of time to finish processing those. Remember, all of us at Carbon actively read the forums looking for bug reports and suggestions, so visit the forums for the most direct connection to Carbon Games.