Fourth of July Special

Today Marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Carbon Games!

July 4th is celebrated as Independence Day in the USA, and it's also a special day to us at Carbon because it is the date we announced our own "independence" as an indie game developer. We're very proud of what we have accomplished in the past year, with the AirMech beta going really well and on track to a full release at the end of the summer. Your support has helped get us this far, and we truly appreciate it. Your word of mouth marketing has brought us a very passionate group of early testers who have been helping to shape the direction of the game, and that continues.

Fourth of July Limited Edition Items

We've added 4 Limited Edition items to the game for this event. Following the naming convention for AirMech Variants, when you see quotes in front of a name it is meant as a cosmetic set indicator. So the "Liberty" Bombs and "Liberty" Boosters are cosmetic only, and have the same attributes as the normal versions. They have special particle effects and paint jobs, but offer no gameplay advantage.

Now is also your only chance to pick up the Bald Eagle pet, which goes in the Flair (cosmetic) slot in your loadout. All Flair items are purely cosmetic, and will never give gameplay advantages. The Bald Eagle has it's own animation set, hovering in place when you are still and soaring to keep up at speed. While it may look cosmetic, Uncle Sam's Hat is actually an Item that does affect gameplay. It gives +4% to Unit Cap, but reduces credits earned ingame by 2%. We like to think the hat inspires your troops so you can gather more, but there's always taxes to deal with as a result.

And to all of our fans not celebrating July 4th, don't think we have forgotten you! As we have more time we look forward to doing events for many more things, and we have a thread on the forums where we are collecting ideas.