Oct 27, 2012

New Referral System
We really like it when people bring others to AirMech and have wanted to make this easier and more reliable. You’ll see a major change with the new UI for players who have not set their referrer yet, which should greatly increase the number of people getting credit. Many games only let you set a referrer when you sign up, but we let you set it up to level 5 and have also increased the referral rewards. When you set your referrer, you get 1000 Kudos, and the person who you listed will be able to get Diamond rewards from the very first referral. We think it’s win-win for everyone!

Ultimate Samson Awakens
If you are lucky you might see Ultimate Samson make an appearance in Global Chat. When he shows up, he will ask that you /roll for a chance to win Diamonds! This has been a lot of fun and are looking at ways to expand this system. You might see other AirMech personalities show up in chat to give you some tips in response to certain questions.

Faction and Party Chat
You might notice tabs for Faction and Party chat. We’re working hard on these systems and when they are active we will let you know. For now they don’t do much, but we plan to do a lot of neat things with these groups.

Here’s the highlights of things you will notice in this patch, in addition to the standard ongoing bugfixes:

  • New AirMech Variant: “Pumpkin” Saucer (Halloween)
  • New Unit: “Pumpkin” Bombs (Halloween)
  • New Item: Candy Bucket (Halloween)
  • New Pet: Ghost Buddy (Halloween)
  • New Pet: Jack O’ Lantern (Halloween)
  • New Pet: Vampire Bat (Halloween)
  • New Variant: “Deep Sea” Osprey (included with Beta Bundle)
  • New Menu System
  • More Matchmaking Options
  • Referral System Overhaul
  • Twin Peaks map has been reworked
  • New Server Locations: Manchester (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Johannesburg (South Africa)
  • AirMechs now do 75% damage to units
  • Preview of “Power System” which will be like upkeep and replace Unit Cap