Nov 02, 2012


  • New Daily Quests: Daily Login and Daily Win (Daily Win may not be working yet)
  • Chopper now applies Contrail Flair to rotors
  • Carry capacity raised to 4 units (from 3 before)
  • New visual effect for Lunchbox shield active on Fortress and Outposts
  • Lunchboxes on Outposts now protect them from damage (bulbs cannot be destroyed with damage)
  • New Unit: Sergeant (not implemented yet) - will attract other Infantry to follow his orders
  • New Item: TotalBiscuit’s Top Hat - increases build speed and income (found in Customize, Item slot)
  • Artillery now does damage to captured Outposts and Fortress, at a reduced amount
  • Patchnotes now displayed ingame (instead of the forums)


  • Fixed the “bugged lobby” issue that would cause players to get an error when attempting to join another player’s Custom Game
  • Fixed bug where Settings would not be saved in the new menus