Nov 08, 2012

Thanks for hanging in with us while we get a handle on the increased player load! Things are looking good, just some fixes we need to get into the client. Help us continue to spread the word, it looks like we’re close to getting enough players to open up more matchmaking options such as 1v1 and 3v3.


  • Made Referral reminder icon blink more obviously for unreferred players
  • Reduced time to initial Creep spawn to 18 seconds after game start
  • Add Stat for “Destroy 3” Challenge map


  • Make sure ingame control tips are cleared in all maps
  • Fix spectator menu (missing game options)
  • Fixed so money makers appear inactive when not operational on team pads
  • Bug fix for server room listings
  • Fixed potential crash bug in spectator mode
  • Made Portal Cake Steam exclusive (need to be playing in Steam to equip it)
  • fix for friends list not displaying correctly
  • Force challenge maps fail/end after 5 minutes