Nov 12, 2012

We had a number of server problems last weekend due to the HUGE influx of new players from Steam. We were working through the weekend on the issues, and made a lot of fixes--we don't just restart and forget about it. Server stability should be better going forward, and new servers are coming online.

Updates: - New Matchmaking options: "Team" will assign you to a 2v2 or 3v3 team based on number of players available - New Los Angeles server location - Names of party members now shown in Party tab (forgot to mention this last time) - Added "FAQ" to Learn page (actual frequently asked questions coming soon)

Bugfixes: - Fix directional speed issue with gamepad input - Fix scroll bar for room listings - Fix issue where AI would try to place units near locked outposts on Twin Peaks - Fix so Refresh and Location are not hidden when room list is full - Made units not attack Outposts with Lunchboxes (since they won't be able to damage them) - Pathing fix in northeast area of Thar - Added room refresh on join error messages, which should help by removing stale room data