Nov 14, 2012

Updates: - AirMech Original Soundtrack by Front Line Assembly now available on Steam (ingame music integration still being worked on) --- includes exclusive content: "Frontline" Warthog, and 4 FLA band members as Pilots - Sergeant unit now works: other Infantry near him will automatically Link to him, allowing indirect command of Infantry - Support for Brazillian currency (automatic if it applies to you) - Promo page added for upcoming "Turkey Tourney" hosted by Sploosh

Bugfixes: - Fixed a bug where the recurring quests would take longer to show up - Fixed a bug where enemy infantry units would get stuck near the player base on Spiral - Fixed a bug where the Warthog effective movement speed was double what it should have been from the Spin Up ability - Fixed problems with creating a new account in certain circumstances (if you know someone who couldn't make an account, ask them to try now) - Fixes to some ingame links in chat - Prevent players from clicking "through" lobby into other games and joining multiple games