Nov 19, 2012

Major changes! Pardon our dust as we replace the old Unit Cap with a "Power" system. Think of it a bit like upkeep, where each Unit needs a certain amount of Power to be built, and also to maintain it in the world. This allows much more granular control over the army size, so you can build a smaller army of heavy units, or a large army (bigger than before) of lighter units.

We also added the start of timed events to the PvP games. At each 5 minute interval, something happens. Messaging is not good for this currently, and we will be adding that tomorrow, but we really wanted to get the basic system out there for testing. Here is what happens: - 5:00 - Power increased by 20%, Level 2 Creep Spawns - 10:00 - Fortress healed for 33% of max health, "overheal" converted to Credits, Power increased by 20%, Level 3 Creep Spawns - 15:00 - Power increased by 20%, Level 4 Creep Spawns - 20:00 - Power increased by 20% - 25:00 - Damage done to Fortress according to map control, Power increased by 20%

Updates: - New Flair Type: Hats! (oh god what have we done) - New Server location: Montreal, Qu├ębec (Canada) - New Thanksgiving Items: Wild Turkey, Pumpkin Pie, Pilgrim Hat, Feather Headdress - New Unit: Boxer, troop transport vehicle - New Social Quest: Join the Steam Group

Bugfixes: - Fixed a bug where the XP display number wouldn't scale correctly when stat bonuses were applied - Fixed a bug where the player would see a default loadout if they closed the game while in the Matchmaking Queue - Fixed a bug where abduction fliers in Last Stand could be unhittable when abducting units - Fixed a bug where the damage values for the Boomer and Minecraft Creeper did not display in the Unit Loadout menu