Dec 03, 2012

Updates: - Removed Steam friend invite button for now. - Bad language filter now enabled by default (To disable, go to Settings > Language > and uncheck the box next to 'Bad language filter'). - New Icons for the CTF Core. - New visual updates for Survival Map. - Updated localizations with latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server. - Updated Friends UI. - Added the Unreal Tournament '99 announcer voice to various triggers in game. - Updated the Deep Sea Osprey skin to look more 'natural' with hats. - The 'Browse' section in the 'Play' tab will now refresh each time you return to the tab. - Toned down the sound effect for Boxers.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed 'click through' UI bug in Game Lobbies - Fixed a bug where Infantry following a Sergeant would stand idle after he died or entered an Outpost. - Fixed far pads not functioning with a Lunchbox on Nesthorn. - Fixed bugs related to dropping units when in no fuel/AirMech energy state. - Fixed a bug in the tutorial that replaced the first dialogue with the fourth. - Fixed a bug with unit details UI positioning in the Unit Loadout Setup window. - Fixed a bug with mines and bear traps that could block line of sight for some units. - Fixed a bug allowing radius damage to hit allied outposts. - Fixed a bug preventing outposts from receiving the shield bonus from Lunchbox when the connected pad is too far away.