Dec 08, 2012

Goodbye slash commands! Technically you can still do them if you want, but we've made it so you can click on names in Global Chat and get a simple menu for adding friends or inviting to a Party. Even better, check out the Friends page under Social, you can now drag names over to the Global Chat window and they will automatically be invited into a Party! Sorry we made you put up with the old way for so long, but at least we finally have this. We might have missed some bugs, so if you run into strange stuff please come find us on the forums and let us know.

This patch is also the first taste of our Holiday event, with <.p>Santa showing up. This Pilot is a bit harder than others to get, but we're also giving you plenty of time. You need to be level 12, and you need to have at least 12 Matchmaking wins before you can unlock him for 4200 Kudos. Will you be one of the few to collect him by Christmas? We've also brought out his Hat, after the great response from the introduction of Hats last month. There's more Christmas stuff on the way, so keep playing games and checking under the tree, who knows what you might find...

New Stuff: - New Holiday Pilot: <.p>Nicholai, aka St. Nic, aka <.p>Santa - New Holiday Hat: Santa Hat, supersized for your AirMech - New Holiday Quests: "Santa vs. Jesus (Presents)" and "Santa vs. Jesus (Resurrection)" - Holiday Decorations on maps - doesn't do anything, just for getting in the spirit - New Quest: Create a Carbon Account, get 150 Diamonds and exclusive <.i>Satellite item - Names are clickable in Global Chat - try it out! - Drag and drop names from your Friends page into Global Chat to add them to a Party - Visual updates to Party state, able to change leader and leave without command line - Lots of Power in the pre-game state so it's easier to build out your army - Added Gameplay Option to change the volume of the Announcer - Added Gameplay Option to have subtle end of Quarter messages

Free Trial Update: - AirMech: Striker - AirMech: Bomber - AirMech: Neo - Pilot: <.p>Natasha - Pilot: <.p>Erik - Pilot: <.p>Raven - Item: <.i>Atlas - Unit: Goliath - Unit: Lunchbox - Unit: Fixer - Unit: HAAT - Unit: Heavy Mine

Balance Changes: - Osprey base HP changed to 980 from 1045 - Sentry Turret now has 400 HP and Medium armor (had Bertha HP before by accident) - Chopper and Osprey's transport capacity swapped (now Osprey is 1700 and Chopper 1800) - Mines no longer give you any radar vision

Bug Fixes: - Fix for the scroll wheel in the Update Friends UI - Fixed a bug where Pre-game lobby messages would spam for spectators at the start of the game