Dec 12, 2012

Happy Holidays from the Carbon Games team! We've got some fun stuff for you--presents! Please don't open them before December 25th, ok? On a serious note, this is the foundation for the future drop system, so there might be some bugs. If you play enough there's a good chance you will get at least one present, but can you collect all 3?

Neo has also had stage one of it's rework started--adjusting the abilities. It's just the beginning, and more will be done along with the new robot mode. It's on Trial right now so take it for a spin! We'll be balancing the new abilities over the next few days so your feedback in the forums is welcome.


  • New holiday flair available: Reindeer, Pink Ornament, Red Candycane, Sugar Cookie,
  • New holiday achievements added.
  • Improved functionality of Bear Trap. Can no longer be destroyed through damage sources. Indefinitely traps and maims infantry unless disabled by a unit with a healing/repair ability. Can be abducted with Saucer.
  • New unit descriptions for Boxer, Zipper, Tango, Jackal, Bear Trap, Soldier, Probe, SAM, Runner and Aegis.
  • New "Ignore Player" feature added to Social Menu
  • New Secondary Ground Attack for Neo: EMP Blast (triggered by holding down Control, Middle Mouse Button or X button on Controller). Blast does 300 damage (may change) in an AoE around Neo and slows enemy units and mechs that are on the ground.
  • Updated Cloak for Neo. Now works in both Air and Ground modes.
  • Neo will now be fully transparent when stealthed.
  • Reduced Neo hitpoints from 895 to 855.
  • Removed Bunkers attached to Fortresses in Thar
  • Vale will no longer appear in the map cycle for 2v2 matchmaking.
  • Bot spawner now spawns creeps at current level instead of runners.
  • You can now inspect units on the customize/loadout menu.
  • Added Holiday Spirit!

Bug Fixes: - Fixed Twin Peaks map imbalance