Dec 18, 2012


  • New holiday flair available!: Snowman, Orange Ornament, Lolipop, and Tree Cookie.
  • Units(non-infantry) will now prefer enemy units over outposts as targets.
  • Removed the persistent level cap. You should now be able to reach levels beyond level 30. Previous experience gained at level 30 has been applied towards your new level(s).
  • New 'style' stat quests.
  • Added 'style' to more things throughout the game.
  • Credits earned from Waist Pouch increased to +4%.
  • Some AirMech abilities are now enhanced once a game is completed.
  • Updated the 'Mantis Strike' ability description to more accurately depict what the ability does.
  • Improved game support of non-English languages based on suggestions from Steam Translation Services.
  • New Pending State for Friend Requests.
  • New animation when awarding diamonds and kudos.
  • Updated the description of colors to accurately reflect what additional 'blocks' are used for.
  • Beating 'Serif' now awards dev kills.

Bug Fixes: - The desync issue with Guardians has been resolved and they have been re-enabled. - Blast damage to neutral outposts will no longer damage friendly bulbs. - Fixed a bug that was causing desyncs when using Guardians - Fixed BotSpawners so they spawn creeps based on the quarter the game is currently in. - Fixed a bug that allowed the portal items to be unlocked without using Steam. - Fixed a bug allowing 'seeking' type missiles to target Neo while stealthed. - Fixed the description on Neo's 'Stasis Blast' ability to accurately reflect the ability.