Dec 31, 2012


  • Presents can now be opened. You must complete a game with the present equipped in order to redeem it.
  • Artillery fire particle effects should now be a bit more noticeable.
  • The in-game FAQ has been updated.
  • Factions have been enabled but are still restricted while in its early testing stage.
  • Reduced autoaim range and decreased damage done while using autoaim from 90% to 85%.
  • Vote kick will now not be an option until at least 15 seconds has passed and will not be available after the 15 minute mark.
  • The game will now track how many mines you have disarmed in a match as the Osprey (for Mine Quest completion).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented neutral units from attacking some outposts.
  • Potentially fixed the loadout reset bug (not 100% sure on this, please let us know if this still happens).
  • Boomers will no longer target Neo while cloaked.
  • Disabled the generator animation in the pregame to accurately depict that it is not functioning until the match starts.