Jan 12, 2013

As of this patch, if you do not have Silver VIP status or higher, you will earn diamonds from daily quests as if you had VIP status, but they will be unusable until obtaining Silver VIP or higher. Since we changed how outpost capturing works a few patches back, we inadvertently rendered the probe basically useless. In this patch we have gone ahead and re-armed it so it can once again fill its intended role. We have also added a really cool feature allowing infantry units to be able to dodge larger caliber shots like tank shells and artillery shots which should give them a bit more of an edge weaving through enemy lines en route to outposts. You'll also notice a new abduction sound when the Saucer is attempting to make off with your tanks and/or prized livestock. We've had a lot of good feedback on the new Crater map and consequently have been able to address a few of the lingering bugs, but be sure to keep your eye out and let us know if you see any 'funny business'. Here is the full breakdown of the changes this patch:

Updates: - Added Pending VIP diamonds feature. If you aren't VIP, you can earn diamonds which will display on the upper left, and unlock when you become Silver VIP or higher. - Added a Filter to Unit selection dialogue. - Added an additional Frankfurt Germany server. - Probes have been re-armed. - Added system for Infantry units to be able to have a chance to 'dodge' larger calibre shots, like tank shells. (will be tweaking) - Added option to disable the mouse wheel from toggling the build menu. - Continued work on Gamepad compatibility in menus (work in progress). - Some fixes to spectator camera movement. - Sound added to Saucer abduction effect.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed a crash bug in the game related to using the game location markers. - Fixed bad creep spawn locations on Crater. - Fixed a bug with pathing on Sandrim. - Fixed Ultimate Money Maker's reported earn rate.