Jan 27, 2013

Emergency patch! Guardians were not playing nice with the new Salvage mechanic and were causing desyncs. So that's the main reason for this patch, but another little bonus is we are releasing Medals for different Elo ranks. What is Elo? It's a ranking system designed by Mr. Elo, and you can read more about it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eloratingsystem

Faction Charters! They are working now, but be aware that the Faction Charter is consumed when you create the Faction! We do not want a million Factions, and do not want people renaming them. Think very carefully before you create it, because it costs 1000 Diamonds every time you create one. This price is designed so that people only create Factions when they are serious. Don't have the Diamonds? Chances are someone who you want to start the Faction with does, just ask nicely.

Updates: - Medals available for high Elo rank players: Bronze (1650), Silver (1800), Gold (1950) - Medal descriptions are wrong, but the requirements for unlocking are correct.

Bug Fixes: - Fixed desync due to Guardians and Salvage - Faction creation works properly now (no Charters were consumed by it failing before)