Feb 07, 2013

Updates: - New Limited Edition Items to celebrate the Chinese New Year - The Challenge mode maps have been added to a new 'Challenge' tab in the Play Menu - New Quests: 'Socialite' and 4 new Salvage related quests - New 'AirMech' channel added to chat. This channel displays gameplay logs. - Added a confirmation dialog when creating a Faction - Added stats for shooting down AirMechs carrying units - Updated the minimap in Spectate mode. The map now shows the FOW state of the followed player, none if in free spectate camera mode - Updated localizations based on latest suggestions from the STS - Updated icons for the 'Buzzer Beater' and 'Power Play' Quests - Added buffering delay to Spectators - Performance optimization work

Balance: - Players now earn XP for units when shooting down AirMechs carrying units - Set the rest of the neutral units to be uncapturable in Duel - Vale map was reworked slightly - Make Salvage rate proportional to 'heal' rate, and update it to collect in units of 100 credits - Reset unit fire delay/time when it's set down - Add mine detonation when units are dropped on them

Bug Fixes: - Fixed a gameplay crash bug - Fixed a bug that would cause unlimited firing for the Chopper/Bomber/other special - Fixed a bug with server flag characters not appearing correctly sometimes in the Custom Room UI - Fix ELO/Level requirements on item unlock tooltip - Fix recycle bug