Feb 09, 2013

You've been asking for it, so here it is: the Ultimate Generator! A crazy scientist managed to bolt two normal Generators together and this is the unstable monstrosity that you see. As with all Ultimate items, it's only usesable in Solo or Cooperative game modes for now. On the horizon is some kind of Ultimate PvP game mode once we figure out the rules for that. In the mean time, it certainly makes those hard Survival matches easier when you have double the Power at you disposal.

Updates: - new unit: Ultimate Generator - updated Challenge target times - show a Red Envelope image on end game screen when you find one - fixes for replays and make replays behave like Spectating - some visual fixes to Vale, and updated minimap images for Vale and Crater

Balance: - Artillery made to require radar visibility on structures in order to fire

Bug Fixes: - fixed game filters - fixed missing Russian language menu titles - audio bugfixes for some looping sounds - additional fix for the loadout reset bug - tweak spectator buffering to reduce additional buffering after the initial one