Feb 15, 2013

Updates: - New AirMech Variant: "Steampunk" Warthog! - New "Energy" Guardian - increases Energy reserves, does NOT generate Energy - New Gameplay options are available to toggle when creating Custom Games (VIP only) - Ultimate units are now allowed in Custom PvP games, for fun and testing (not ranked games) - Browse and Watch menus have been updated - Players will now get a confirmation dialog that shows a current room list when joining or spectating a match - Added a pause feature for Spectators - Updated localizations based on latest suggestions from the Steam Translation Server - Some minor AI updates, and fortification points for the "Vale" map - New Patchnotes and Quest completed notification - Jammer re-enabled - Cake for Chris' birthday!

Balance: - Jammer now 8 seconds to build (was 5), carry weight 525 (was 375), jamming range of 12 (was 20), 8 power (was 2)

Bug Fixes: - Fix stat display bug with Generators and Levelers - Fix bug with flyer units in Last Stand - Fix minimap bug on Thar (hidden units on top and bottom) - Bug fix for delayed spectator chat