Feb 21, 2013

Updates: - New Custom gameplay option: Hyper Mode (2x all XP income from Outposts, kills, events, 2x all credit income, and 2x build speed on top of other modifiers) - Bomber melee reworked - Replays of the last game can be started on the "End Game" screen - Saucer can abduct neutrals but needs to be high enough level to build whatever it's trying to abduct - Updated the Artillery accuracy system - they are more accurate but Jammers make them less accurate (as opposed to stopping fire all together) Still a work in progress. - Implemented latency fixups for ground airmech firing similar to what was done to air mode in the last patch - Rooms that have 'ignored players' will appear Red in the Browse Menu

Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug on Thar where players could get pushed through the wall behind the upper Base - Fixed a bug on Nesthorn where players could sink through the ground - Fixed a bug that caused button highlights to not show up on friends/room menu button - Fixed a bug where the Energy Guardian wouldn't stealth correctly with the Neo