Feb 23, 2013

Updates: - New Unit: Flakker - Anti-Air guns mounted on a lightweight truck chassis - Allowing Ultimates in Survival and Coop Matchmaking rooms, with an indicator showing if someone on the team has Ultimates equipped. - Updated Challenge: Capture 01 to be a little easier - Ability points can no longer be spent on Guardians, number determined only by level

Balance: - Unit cap increased to 130 - Doubled the respawn speed for AirMechs in Hyper mode - Jammer's HP increased to 475, Power cost lowered to 6, radar jam radius increased to 14

Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug in Hyper mode where credits return was doubled when recycling - Fixed the display for "Coop" mode when going into a matchmaking Coop game - Fixed Ultimates showing in the PvP Matchmaking lobby (though they wouldn't work in game)