Mar 04, 2013

Some changes to Artillery in this patch. Recently we changed the artillery to have perfect aim, but didn't balance damage and fire rates accordingly. This has now been looked at, and will be balanced further if needed. Artillery is a fun thing to use, but we don't it to become mandatory, so we're trying to find that sweet spot for it.

We also have some more Challenge maps and are working at making a proper learning progression with them. If you have feedback on them we'd welcome to hear it in the forums, especially if tehre is anything game breaking in them. We're aware of a number of bugs and balance issues, and we had to decide to either lock all the Challenges or have them open and let you play with them. Since, we're Beta, we decided to let you play.

Keep in mind that the current Challenges start off very easy. They are designed for completely new players to teh game. We'll continue to expand Challenges and have more advanced sets for experienced players later.

Updates: - New Challenge maps (still a work in progress) - First pass of new pause menu - Some updated animations for the Striker -Updated localization and latest suggestions from the STS

Balance: - Change kill plane for Duel to prevent exploits - Open up some paths on Chasm - All Artillery damage reduced by 10% (to balance new perfect aim feature) - Artillery fire delay balanced: Bertha 5.0 (was 3.9) Archy and Arty 4.1 (was 3.5) - Natasha has all new stats (now like Lady Gaia) - Self-destruct now only works when not moving

Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug in Hyper mode where credits return was doubled when recycling - Fixed the display for "Coop" mode when going into a matchmaking Coop game - Fixed Ultimates showing in the PvP Matchmaking lobby (though they wouldn't work in game)