AirMech Beta

The dust has just settled from the AirMech Summer Tournament and the winners are...

Festive Present 3

Boomhower - Valinor - WayWay

This marks Boomhower's third Tournament Cup, Valinor's second, and the first time WayWay has won. Wreckz, mrnoone1 and k1ng5hobi fought well but ended up taking second place.

Big thanks to our casters Kirby, Steve, and ComptonEMT. The tournament was organized and sponsored by DisFireCo, so big thanks to him and his helpers as well. I know TyrOmega and DeathofaStar were also helping out behind the scenes. Most people don't realize how much work goes into making sure the game are played on time! We appreciate everyone's hard work so we can sit back and be entertained.

Want to be involved in a future Tournament, either to compete or to help? Keep a close eye on the Competitive Events section of the Forums. I'd also highly suggest following the above streamers so you can see what high level AirMech play is like, and learn from the people you'll be competing against.

Thanks to our hundreds of spectators who helped make the event so exciting! Want do discuss the results, or congratulate the winners? Leave a comment in this thread.