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If you've been keeping up with all the patch notes ingame, you are aware of how busy we are adding new stuff, fixing things, and balancing the game. Not everyone is up to date however, so we wanted to go over the next phase of AirMech here.

We tentatively had scheduled October 10th as the day to remove the Beta label from the game, but we honestly don't think it's time to do that yet. There's still a lot more major features we want to add, then after they are added, we want some good bugfixing time to polish things up for AirMech 1.0.

Our target for exiting Beta is February 2014. Once we get closer to that date we can provide you with an exact day. There are some very exciting things happening for AirMech that we can't talk about just yet, but this will all make sense later on I promise.

Here's some things we are working on that we want to make sure are done before we exit Beta:

  • Finish new game rules and balance
  • At least 2 new AirMechs
  • More Units, Maps
  • Map Editor (Prime Only)
  • Networking 2.0
  • Matchmaking 3.0
  • Proper Trading support
  • Steam Big Picture Mode support
  • Bugfixes, more bugfixes

We've also had a lot of people asking about the Campaign. It's still planned, but we'll start work on it after we've released the base game. There are always questions about "will you add more [x] to the game?" and the answer is always "yes". We plan to continue to improve and expand AirMech as much as we can, with all profits from AirMech coming back to the game to make it better.

Recently we have been able to expand the team a bit, though we still have some open positions--we'll make a proper job post later on. Adding new people does slow us down a bit as we get them up to speed, but in the longrun we can do more and do it faster. Growing is good!

We couldn't have reached this point without your support. AirMech is unique in that we're crowdfunding the game which is live, instead of asking for money for something we will build in the future. Many people ask us why we didn't do a Kickstarter, and in the end it comes down to the fact that running a Kickstarter is a huge amount of work. It would probably consume the whole team for a month of prep, and a month of running it. In the end, I'd rather put that time and effort into the game and let you play it. So in a way, everyone who is playing in the Beta is an investor, and we will be sure to take care of our investors.

Thanks to all our players for helping build this amazing community!

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