About Carbon Games

We are independent and free to make the games we want on the platforms we want, and interact with the public the way we want.


James Green

Co-founder, Game Director at @CarbonGames where I make @AirMech. Worked on Fat Princess, Splinter Cell, Unreal Tournament.

Ken Klopp

Co-founder & programmer at @CarbonGames. We are making AirMech!

Matthew Endsley

Making the video games happen @CarbonGames

Weng Chen

I make art for games. Creator of Fat Princess, Co-founder of Carbongames and Art Director of AirMech.

Dawna Baltins

Operations manager extraordinaire, making sure everything runs as smooth as butter!

Nicholas Chou

Technical Artist @CarbonGames making AirMech!

Chris Merritt

Production Coordinator @CarbonGames. Manicorn whisperer. Pinball Wizard. Jukebox Hero. Noted raconteur. My tweets are my own mad ramblings.

Carbon Games Inc. is a privately held company based in Bellevue, WA formed by experienced industry veterans.

We are Carbon. We make games.



Heat Engine
Heat is our homegrown game engine that packs a punch. Heat works on numerous platforms and is the core technology behind our cutting edge VR development.
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Our server technology provides the firm foundation upon which our online games are built. Developed entirely in-house, RockSolid™ allows us to deliver the features that players expect from modern online gaming.
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