Permission to Broadcast AirMech



Q: Am I allowed to broadcast and monetize AirMech videos?

A: Yes! Everyone is allowed to broadcast and monetize AirMech videos.

We have been asked quite a few times if people have permission to broadcast AirMech on various sites, and monetize those videos by enabling ads. We actually did not fully understand why people were asking, as we figured the burden is on the copyright owner to complain about use (which we never have done). Following some comments by TotalBiscuit recently now we know a bit more about the situation, so we wanted to super-clarify our position on this.

  • Anyone is free to record and upload videos of AirMech and monetize them through ads.
  • Anyone can stream AirMech live, and monetize it however they want.
  • What else should be listed here?

I think this post is what people need, but I could also be missing something. Please leave a comment or send us a support email if something can be altered or further clarified. We want there to be zero friction for anyone to be able to publicize AirMech any way they want–as a small indie developer, word of mouth spread is our lifeblood, and we want to encourage the sharing of information and entertainment.

Once we are settled on the exact language that should be included here we will move this to a permanent location on our site in addition to this original post. Once we have an official AirMech website up (coming soon!) we will also include this notice there.

Thanks for your support everyone! Don’t hesitate to let us know what we can do to support you back. :)

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