First Patch of the New Year


New Duel Map

AirMech Beta Version 22212

I don't think we've gone this long without a patch ever! As those of you who were with us over the holiday, you probably noticed that much of our time was spent on server work. We're happy to say we think the worst is behind us, and we look forward to making actual positive improvements on the nice foundation we laid.

While the programmers were intensely focused on server and backend work, we did manage to spend some time on the art side making improvements to some maps we have been meaning to for a long time. There will be ongoing work to clean those up, build custom props and make them look really nice. It also gives us a chance to try out some of the things we need for the Editor tools we're going to give to the players in the future.

We're continuing to add more abilities/upgrades to the AirMechs. Eventually all of them will have the full set of 8, and it is our goal for each AirMech to feel "OP" in it's own special way. We've streamlined picking up your built Upgrades, though there's more work to be done here since things like Guardians don't feel as smooth as we like. It's a new system, and we need to continue to iterate on it and get it feeling right.

We've decided to take a step back from making the Unit Cap stuff complex, and every unit (in general) will cost 1 upkeep. To balance this out, things will cost more and take longer to build. It won't really affect things on the low end, but big heavy units will both have more health and require more of an investment to build. We'll be actively balancing this based on games played this week, so feel free to leave feedback in the forums. While some strategies you've been using the past few weeks might not work anymore, remember that new ones are suddenly valid.

Updates: - Duel has been updated with new visuals - Salt has been updated with new visuals - New Bomber abilities: Whirlwind and Energy Drain - Missile Burst ability has been added to the Helix - New Warthog abilities: Ammo and Power Shield - New Saucer ability: Debuff DPS - New Osprey abilities: Restore and Heal Nova - New Neo ability: Radar Disrupt - Armor ability added to Paladin - More new sound effects - Black Jetpack Cat has been removed from the Shop (1000 have been sold)

Bug Fixes: - Fix so that FF2000 does not target outpost latched infantry - Fixed a bug where the displayed upgrade time for guardians wasn't always correct - Fixed a bug regarding the tech display not showing correct info on UI - Fixed a bug where carried units would always drop when out of fuel

Balance Changes: - Most units now take 1 unit cap, and will have increase costs and build times instead - Bucky is a tiny bit more accurate - Starting money reduced to 20,000 from 25,000 - AirMech armor increased to 80 from 50

Known Issues: - There is a desync bug we are working to track down, most likely related to one of the many new abilities we added to the AirMechs. Your help identifying the combination of loadouts that are causing the desyncs is much appreciated, thanks!

Discuss this in the forums! Remember if you have an AirMech account, you use that same account to login to the forums so you don't need to sign up for anything else.

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