New Website, Gothic Angel, New Environments...and Flappy Bird?


Gothic Angel

How do you like me now?

AirMech finally has a new website! This is one of those projects we've been working on in the background for a while now, and it's at the point where we want to set it live and start sharing it with the world. There is still a lot to do, but it's miles better than our old site, so you don't have to be embarrassed to refer your friends to AirMech anymore! Check it out:

We have a new Angel Variant and it's amazing looking: Gothic Angel! The way the wings look when she's in robot mode are amazing. I'm excited for more of the future Variants on the way now that the attention to detail is going in this direction!

Some people have been asking about the DVIP Club Card. It's something we added for our Diamond VIPs (total spend of over $120, or one time purchase of the largest Diamond Bundle) to give them some bonus items. It may be something exclusive, or just something early before anyone else can buy it, or whatever little perks we come up with. We will change what the bonus items are every once in a while, and with this patch we're moving to our second bonus: Flappy Bird! Note that you don't get old bonus items when you get Diamond VIP, you just get the current bonus items. So be sure to log in at least once a month and collect your goodies!

Lots of updates to map art on Spiral and Twin Peaks, improvements to Challenges for new players, and the usual healthy serving of improvements, balance tweaks, and bug fixes. Feel free to poke around the site, you'll find all the cool new artwork under the Media > Wallpapers section. Plus we'll have some surprises to share for PAX East!


  • new Angel Variant: Gothic Angel
  • new visuals on Spiral and Twin Peaks
  • added Videos page in the Learn section with links to various community guides
  • Husky Head and Stallion Head added to VIP Shop (previously DVIP Club Card Rewards)
  • new DVIP Club Card Reward: Flappy Bird pet/head!
  • new badges tied to ownership of Alpha Striker and Beta Bomber
  • neutral outposts at the start of match now contain Infantry (various types)
  • removed neutral Jackals from many outposts due to above change
  • disabled collision between AirMechs on the ground (feels better)
  • beginnings of the new end game UI, now you can return to the game after seeing stats
  • various updates to the Challenge maps to make them better for new players
  • support for click on badges to equip (drag to chat still works)
  • will be making available the name reset card item
  • better messaging on the "Copy Referral Link" button in Social. Use it to tell your friends about AirMech!

Bug Fixes:

  • bug fixes related to auto build and replay/spectator sessions
  • fix for partial energy/health restore on level up
  • fix duplicate geometry in the Fortress model
  • fixes for transition/state bugs on the Angel
  • fix for color bug when exiting multiplayer games. (this is an old one! :) )
  • fix bug with display of items and chances for contents of Crates

Balance Changes:

  • Jingle Bells Air Speed Bonus reduced to 2%, Ground Speed Bonus added of 2%
  • Add Sniper Damage item modifier for Angel Sniper Rifle specific items
  • Guns Damage modifier no longer effect's Angel's sniper rifle

Discuss this in the forums! Remember if you have an AirMech account, you use that same account to login to the forums so you don't need to sign up for anything else.

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