Work in Progress--Map Editor and UI Updates


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Work in Progress: Map Editor and UI Updates

One of the big things we want to finish before exiting beta is the replacement of the main UI. Honestly, it's a mess, as we've continually added features to it while ignoring that it's harder and harder to understand for new users. We're about at that point where we want to start organizing it, and the first bits of this you can see with a new Friends movable menu and a movable Inventory menu. Both are considered "in progress" but we're excited to bit by bit move everything off of the old UI so we can finally present a clean fresh (final?) UI ahead of exiting Beta.

Another big feature we've wanted is the Map Editor, and we debated internally if we should even show people at this point. But since Prime users get the Map Editor no matter what when it's finished, we might as well let you see it as we're working on it--but yes we know there's a ton of bugs and incomplete things. Expect to see progress on this every patch.

You'll also see a reference to Sandbox Mode if you are Prime, and this feature will probably be coming to VIP players when complete. Instead of a full editor, it will focus on letting you move and duplicate units while you pause the game, then resume it and play from there. We may add more more features to it, with the goal to be a fun thing to mess around with in solo games, while doing full map editing will be reserved for Prime owners.

Feedback from players has led to a new unit being created, the Stinger! We're in the middle of rebalancing the Seeker and having a similar unit that's not mobile gives us some options to create some interesting choices. There's other balance tweaks which have come from the community, see below for full details.


  • New Unit: Stinger - anti-AirMech missiles on a turret chassis, by player request!
  • New Pet: Tombstone - ThyTombstone's requested BDVIP Pet
  • Extremely Alpha version of Map Editor enabled for Prime owners (pause the game in any Solo match)
  • Endgame now shows XP progress toward next level
  • 2 new Coop leaderboards
  • updated to end game UI. Drops can now be inspected by clicking on the drop in the end game screen
  • new Friends dialog/UI
  • new inventory UI (work in progress, old one still available)
  • FX polish work on Saucer abduction effect
  • new Quests - Saucer deathray usage, Neo stasis blast usage
  • other various polish FX work
  • performance optimization work on renderer
  • fixing tree collision on Vale and Duel

Bug Fixes

  • fix for flier units not showing up in the shop
  • fixes to units getting stuck at auto deploy locations
  • fix to transform time stat modifiers
  • don't update chat UI while mouse button is held (help with name clicking)
  • fix graphics change notification UI
  • some visibility fixes to unit healthbar rendering

Balance Changes

  • fix velocity of missiles fired by AirMech when moving
  • Archy: direct damage: 150->160, blast damage: 110->100, blast range decreased
  • Arty: blast damage range increased, Weapon: 75->65
  • remove move speed penalty from Brutes while firing
  • double Fortress energy capacity
  • reduce AirMech vs unit damage by 5.4%

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