Alpha Striker Split and Balance Updates


AirMech Launch

Alpha Striker Stock Split

On December first we initiated a very special event in AirMech, though most people wouldn't have noticed anything different. Every person who owned an Alpha Striker should now find that they have double their previous count. If you had one, now you have two. If you had three (for whatever crazy reason) now you have 6. We did this as a solution to the Alpha Striker becoming almost too rare and valuable to be sold, in a way that preserves the value for anyone who has one.

Just to be clear, this is not an extra one for Alpha Bundle owners--it's a duplicate of the actual Alpha Striker in player inventories. So if you sold yours, you won't get another. And if you bought one but don't have the Alpha Bundle, you will now have two.

During the start of this process we blocked Alpha Strikers from being listed on the Player Market as a precaution. We have now re-enabled them. Please remember that scamming high value items will result in being banned from the Player Market or worse. We also do not allow and cannot support "trading" of any kind, inside the game or out.

Changes to Scrapping things

We realized that the calculation to Scrap items (with the Scrapper and Nanoforge) didn't always give Scrap that made sense according to the value, especially for higher value things. Also, lots of things could be scrapped that didn't make sense--are Donuts really made of metal? We redid the way this works, and now you will get the proper amount of Alloy, Fine Scrap, and Scrap for anything that it makes sense to Scrap.

When you use the Check Recipe button, it will now give you printout of what exact Scrap types you will get. And a reminder that the new Nanoforge link on the new Inventory page doesn't seem to work right, so use /forge in the Info tab as the quickest way to open the working version of it.

We'll also be adding a way to break down things like Alloy into Fine Scrap and Scrap in the future, don't worry. There will be more things to do with it as well!

Diamond Cans: no they aren't a way to craft Diamonds, but they are awesome.

We added a way to use the Nanoforge to "pull" Diamonds off of your account and put them in a Container as a more straightforward way to transfer Diamonds to another player. Using a Diamond Tester, and some Scrap, and you actually have enough Diamonds, you can put them into a Can of various sizes. For now these sizes are 500, 2000, and 5000.

You might start to see Diamond Cans show up on the Player Market. This is a temporary oversight since we can't block them from the Market without also blocking them from being Mailed. I would suggest not buying them on the Market, unless they are below the listed value of course. Any player will be able to make Diamond Cans in the future. For now, DVIPs were given a free Diamond Tester each to help us test, but it will be made available shortly.

Seekers and Stingers balance pass.

The Stinger was introduced to let us tone down the Seeker a bit, while making sure players who wanted to use it defensively still had a solid option. The combination of excellent AA abilities with the survivability and locomotion of a tank really just makes the Seeker too good. It's actually one of the oldest units in the game, and wasn't designed taking into account how many different types of units would eventually be available.

From a high level, imagine that due to the reduced space and weight allowance of the tank chassis, the missiles it carries are somewhat less effective than a big stationary turret. This is what drives the changes we are making to these units and the roles they will play in the game. I think some people might just switch to the Stinger and find it better for them, while others still prefer the mobility of the Seeker. Now we have options, and a bit better balance.

Some of these changes also reflect updated AirMech speeds and armor, which have evolved over time but we haven't done much to missiles. So T99 is getting some tweaks, and T45 too. The Seeker is getting the biggest rework--definitely give them a good try to understand what the sum of the changes mean for the unit. The goal is to put it back in it's original intended role instead of becoming a borderline abusable unit.

Balance Changes

  • All unit missile speeds reduced by 5%
  • All unit missile lifespans reduced by 20%
  • Seeker firing range reduced by 15%
  • Seeker firing rate increased by 33%
  • Seeker reload time increased by 33%
  • Seeker missile piercing increased by 15%
  • Seeker missile damage reduced by 20%
  • T99 missile damage increased by 33%
  • T45 missile damage increased by 25%
  • T45 regular shot damage decreased by 5%
  • T45 regular shot piercing increased by 50%


  • Diamond Tester given to all DVIPs for testing

Bug Fixes

  • Octoberfest items added to VIP Shop

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