Happy Easter! Have some eggfixes--I mean bugfixes.


Happy Easter! Have some eggfixes--I mean bugfixes. Happy Easter! Have some eggfixes--I mean bugfixes.

Minor patch for you this time with a number of fixes to the way things work in the Basecamp. We'll be releasing some more things you can build and figuring out a nice balance of how much benefit you can get vs time. We want players who enjoy it to have fun, but those who want to skip it can feel it's optional.

Some of the structures will be in the shop, others will be sent to certain groups. We have decided that some structure will require VIP for balance, but this is mainly to avoid exploits and there won't be many of them.

Basecamp Updates:

  • Some structures require Alloy to build now
  • Build costs have been assigned to structures
  • Base Level 2
  • Hangar Level 2
  • Potato Crop
  • Bunny Farm (Easter exclusive)

General Updates:

  • Ultimate Jesus has some changed stats
  • Ultimate Fuel changed significantly (click to view new stats)
  • some particle effects cleanup and polish
  • some additional features to the map editor (still very early feature)
  • tweaks for Striker sword/shield effects
  • added dust effects when Bear Trap closes/opens
  • tweaks/updates to Paladin hammer effects and team color
  • Skill Sets view added to Inventory
  • added a command for declining faction invites: /decline

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix clicking on Recently Met and Ignored players
  • Fixes for some incorrect reporting of remaining boost times
  • fixed mail icons for frame parts
  • fixed player profile cards not appearing after clicking AI Pilots in a loading screen
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